Cloud Network Management Services

You need immediate intelligence of any threat to your business caused by outages or other issues within your network. We can specify and install a secure and effective system which allows round-the-clock monitoring of your network and alerts you instantly should your continuity be threatened by events such as component failure or thresholds for CPU, memory or disk usage being exceeded.

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Our remote Network Management System (CloudNMS) service, provides you with:

  • system status reports and other data through your secure web portal.
  • remote access for L3n engineers to investigate any issues.
  • 24/7 cover – self-monitoring hardware sends alerts to your engineers and L3n in the event of an issue.
  • security – each customer is allocated an individual CloudNMS server, with access through secure Virtual Private Network tunnels.
  • peace of mind – our system is fully backed by our support packages.

Cloud Network Management – what you need to know

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The system is cloud-based and connects to your network via an encrypted, secure VPN tunnel.

Basic Network Management

In its most basic mode, the system regularly checks that the components of your internal network are working and responding to ping requests. This status is then reflected on your secure, encrypted dedicated web portal. If the system detects an unresponsive component it will automatically email or SMS any contact you specify. It can also notify L3n engineers. Depending on the level of support you choose, our staff can contact your engineers or even log into your network and investigate the problem on your behalf.

Advanced Network Management Applications

Using further configuration the system can monitor:

  • your network equipment for throughput, CPU usage, memory usage, etc., and alert you if a threshold is exceeded.
  • your network equipment for Internet connection utilisation and raise an alert if a threshold is exceeded.
  • the HA (high availability) status of your equipment or the failover of HSRP/VRRP groups – it is important to resolve such failures immediately.
  • your servers for CPU, memory and disk usage and, based on thresholds you specify, alert both you and L3n.

The system has a Nagios software backbone, offering you:

  • flexibility: a completely scriptable system, supporting Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl and a host of other script-based languages.
  • control: software that can monitor any remotely controllable system and alert your staff and L3n if any threshold is breached.
  • growth when you need it: the monitored device limit of the system is restricted only by the power of the monitoring server – which can be altered dynamically.

Click here to try a demonstration of the core software.

The System Architecture

Diagram of CloudNMS system

Each L3n customer is allocated an individual CloudNMS server for increased security. Customers have their own web portal to the NMS allowing administrative control of the system. The system supports SMS and email notification to the customer's engineers and to the L3n engineers (dependent on the level of support required). Monitoring is performed via a secure VPN tunnel – this can be connected directly to the customer's firewall or, alternatively, the L3n VPNX gateway can be installed inside your network – this will then create a secure SSL VPN tunnel back to L3n. The system is based around reliable Linux-based machines and can be secured with a strong software firewall. The CloudNMS system is even self-monitoring – our servers:

  • check their own operating system to ensure it is running optimally and securely; problems are reported to our engineers who can deal with the issue transparently.
  • are protected by the respected Linux Iptables firewall, monitoring both outbound as well as inbound traffic to ensure security.
  • are monitored by our own systems which report the customer's network status to L3n's Network Operations Centre.

"I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent way you responded to our urgent needs for a protected network to link our four shops, following our initial debacle with broadband. After several years of dealing with many different computer companies with varying degrees of stress (particularly network related!), it was a pleasure to receive such friendly and efficient service from a company that delivers on its promises."
Jeremy Clayton, Javelin Retail