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Our Juniper accreditations prove that Juniper have the confidence and trust to allow L3n to specify and install Juniper Networks products. We can give you pragmatic and honest advice on systems tailored to your requirements and budget. Call us now on 0845 450 4944 or email us

Welcome to the SRX Family of Firewalls

Juniper SRX1500
Juniper SRX1500 Branch Firewall

The SRX Firewall is Juniper Networks' flagship Next Generation Anti-Threat Firewall. It offers high-performance security with advanced, integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry's most scalable and resilient platform

  • The SRX firewalls offer a broad range of options - from all-in-one, integrated physical and virtual security networking devices to highly scalable, chassis-based data-centre solutions - that can defend enterprise data-centres and service providers of any size.
  • All SRX Series gateways are built for resiliency, scalability, and availability to secure data-centres or the enterprise edge against the broadest spectrum of threats.
  • Delivers continuous uptime through in-service hardware and software upgrades, redundant components, and carrier-class hardware for resiliency. The high-end SRX Series gateways deliver six-nines reliability for nonstop business continuity and application availability.
  • The entire range of Juniper equipment uses Junos as the operating system. This makes deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting of the whole range of Juniper equipment easier and more efficient. Junos has a really excellent CLI too!
Juniper SRX3600 Firewall
Juniper SRX3600 Firewall

cSRX Container Firewall

Juniper have created the cSRX. This powerful software firewall utilises the Docker container system which allows the container to directly utilise the host OS so reducing overheads and to perform more efficiently.

vSRX Virtual Firewall

Juniper have produced the powerful SRX firewall in a format supporting VMware ESXi and KVM as well as orchestration with vRealize Orchestrator and OpenStack. This allows the agility, elasticity and cost saving s that cloud environments demand. This allows services to be delivered faster and more efficiently

Sky Advanced Threat Protection

Utilise the SRX hardware or software firewall with advanced, integrated threat intelligence - this is a cloud based service called Sky Advanced Threat Prevention that integrates with the SRX Firewalls to deliver a dynamic anti-malware solution - traditionally attacks to your network came from outside - with the rise in sophistication of cyber attacks this has now changed - attacks can come from both inside and outside your network and this system is designed to mitigate them.