Network Security

Managing security on your network can seem like a minefield. While you have to minimise the risks of :

  • handling personal data for staff and customers.
  • making and receiving payments.
  • network intrusion.
  • threats from trojans, worms and viruses.

you must still ensure your staff and customers have the access they need.

L3n – A Holistic Approach

Threats to your network come from many sources – responding to them requires a multifaceted approach that takes account of the whole of your network and your business activity. There are many options available for securing your network. Optimising security relies upon specialist knowledge of what products are available and how effective they are. Understanding how to integrate additional hardware/software into your network in a way that supports your future plans is also an important aspect of any changes to security you make. We have the experience and expertise to respond flexibly to your specific security requirements. We can help you secure your system – allowing access where it is needed and protecting your data and systems at all other times.

Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks

We provide a comprehensive range of security products to protect networks from inappropriate access: from basic firewall installations to fully integrated intrusion prevention systems using enterprise class security products from Cisco and Juniper Networks. When coupled with intrusion detection software, these enable you to maintain secure, dynamic network borders – preventing trojans, worms and viruses, whilst still allowing your staff and customers to get the most out of the network. Read more about our firewall and Virtual Private Network services.

Anti-virus Systems

While an enterprise-class firewall and VPN system is an essential layer in your security, threats from other vectors also need to be guarded against, requiring anti-virus/anti-spam software on servers and workstations. More sophisticated network-based solutions can also be supplied, such as the Cisco Self-Defending Network which ensures that the network itself shuts down any network-based attack.

Strong User Authentication

keyboard with security keyYou can further protect your network by strengthening your authentication – ensuring that the person logging on to your network is authorised to do so. This is also known as identity management. Once again there are a variety of solutions available for strengthening user authentication, the security strength of which is measured in ‘factors’: Single-factor authentication is familiar to most of us and typically uses some form of password. Two-factor authentication combines two elements: ‘something you have’ and ‘something you know’. We offer a device which generates a one-time password which when combined with a username and PIN, for example, validates that the user really is who they claim to be.