Network Support

L3n's experienced and qualified engineers have spent years in the networking industry. We utilise that experience to offer you superlative network support capabilities. It stands to reason that our engineers have more experience with the mainstream manufacturers such as Cisco, HP and Juniper equipment but that's not to say we cannot offer support on other equipment. The underlying network protocols and processes are the same no matter what the equipment so it's really only a matter of understanding the equipment control processes and diagnostics to allow us to also support almost any manufacturer's equipment. From using data protocol analysers to analyse the exactly what is going wrong at the bit and byte level to checking the physical cabling using cable analysers up to performing remote diagnostics on large routers and switches to establish connectivity issues or network slowdowns, our bespoke network support contracts allow us to match the needs of your business and give you peace of mind. You can use our support services to:

  • complement your in-house IT staff.
  • act as a 2nd or 3rd line support.
  • completely outsource your network support requirements.
Network Support Engineer in server room

24/7 Network Support – where you need it, when you need it - We can provide round-the-clock on-site or remote support to ensure network continuity and allow you to concentrate on your business, not your network. We pride ourselves that in addition to paper qualifications (such as Cisco certifications) our engineers have a broad range of experience of different makes and models of equipment. Read more about our experience.

Contact us for a network support quote, you'll wonder how you ever did without us.

"We were very unhappy with our previous network support company. Since moving to L3n it's now very assuring to be able to pick up the phone and speak to a Cisco expert who is able to answer my questions straight away and make the relevant recommendation and changes."
Louis Rankin, ATN