L3n has been working with networking equipment and products for over 18 years and the individual team members for a lot longer than that. As a result, we have distilled our experience and expertise down to a select few world-class products that L3n is proud to supply to you:

Network Hardware Products

Cisco Systems

We supply networking hardware from Cisco Systems – the global leader for network communications. Their products are used around the world for demanding and critical applications where reliability and security are essential. You can rely on Cisco hardware – and Cisco trusts our experience and expertise to install and support their systems Cisco has awarded L3n Select Partner certification, and we are also a Cisco UK main channel hardware supplier. Read more..

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks' focus on technology, leadership, and technical excellence has produced an award-winning portfolio of secure and dependable platforms that provide an affordable and viable alternative to Cisco or Hewlett-Packard systems. Juniper Networks offers a premier line of diverse networking and security products that ranges from small office applications up to the largest IP backbone sites. Read more..

HP ProCurve

Hewlett-Packard's ProCurve range of hardware provides high-quality entry-level enterprise networking for extremely low ownership costs. HP understands that simple, reliable networking is a key enabler for growing businesses. The ProCurve range plugs the gap between cheaper products for SOHO and SMB use and the more expensive, feature-rich enterprise-grade products. Read more..