Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Wifi

Cisco Meraki MR18 - General Purpose AccessPoint
Cisco Meraki MR18
General Purpose

It's easy (and sophisticated)! OK, more detail required, Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Wifi is easy to deploy, easy to configure, easy to manage, easy to troubleshoot but is sophisticated in it's performance and features.

  • 100% cloud managed for faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility.
  • From a small branch office to a worldwide wifi network, Cisco Meraki makes deploying and managing a sophisticated wifi network as easy as point and click!
  • There are a range of Accesspoints available to suit all requirements, all with centralised management via the cloud - with no Wireless LAN Controllers to worry about - just mount the AP in position and connect to a POE switch with DHCP then manage via a single pane of glass.
  • Identify BYOD clients and automatically apply access policies by device or user group.
  • Reveal powerful metrics such as visitor capture rate, user visit time, and repeat visits by listening for wireless devices using CMX Location Analytics
  • Identify which applications are being used, and then prioritize critical apps while limiting recreational apps using Application Visibility & Control

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